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About us

Hemperious is a French company that shares strong family and friendly values. Obtaining the 1st Kbis authorizing the cultivation and sale of cannabis, she is one of the main players in the change in the mode of consumption around Cannabis in France and quickly understood the major challenges that the cultivation and processing of Cannabis would represent, in particular in health terms. The flowers are all from a sharp genetic selection and grown organically. They follow a strict cultivation schedule in order to provide excellent, healthy and natural flowers.


Hemperious invests in the research and development of new products but also in production tools specifically adapted to the work of Cannabis flowers.


Our growers and farmers work organically and pay particular attention to the preservation of the soil and biodiversity.


Each step is scrupulously controlled, from the choice of hemp genetics initially used to packaging, including production, harvesting, drying and storage. This allows us to guarantee our customers and consumers a quality and uniformity of products beyond delivery and resale.

Thanks to our cultivation technique and our genetics, our  fleurs contain a high content of CBD and a THC of less than 0.3% which makes it legal in France and Europe.


Our history

Leonard and Ludovic;   the two LOFFREDA brothers began their experience in legal hemp by launching their growth and processing farm in Portugal in 2018. Aware of the progressive changes in mentality of the population and the benefits of cannabis in the field of well-being and medicine, they decide to return to settle in France in 2020 and create Hemperious with  Sanaa B. with the aim of making quality French therapeutic cannabis accessible to all.

Hemperious decided to settle in Beaujolais, a magnificent region known for its wine and historically a hemp region, but also for its terroir and its rich geology. Today, we cultivate 6 hectares of fields which had not been exploited for more than 10 years. As a result, we have rich, unpolluted soil. In order to preserve this heritage, and to ensure that we provide you with healthy flowers, we practice organic and responsible agriculture on our plots.

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CBD is a well-being molecule, which is why we want to make it accessible to as many people as possible and provide natural and quality products since it is your health that we are talking about. It is also a question of giving an alternative close to recreational cannabis and allowing thousands of people to reduce their consumption of psychotropic substances.


Through Hemperious, our goal is therefore first and foremost to democratize the use of "light" cannabis or CBD in a well-being approach and gradually bring into collective consciousness that cannabis is a plant that can be used for its virtues. In the future we want to be a major player in the cultivation of medical cannabis in particular.


Hemperious holds the first and only French KBIS authorizing the sale, harvest and cultivation of therapeutic cannabis but in particular medical.

IN 2022, Hemperious brought a new dimension to cannabis cultivation, betting on developing a co-production program with farmers from all over France. Several goals are sought in this program:

The first,and most importantly, issupport the agricultural worlddiscovering this new culture and enabling them to develop new sources of income. They are supported by making available the knowledge of Hemperious, acquired in recent years in production in order to accelerate the construction of a French sector of excellence.

The second,purpose through this program is to demonstratethe importance of the role played by the different terroirson production quality. France has one of the most diverse terroirs in the world. The recognition of the wine world is proof of this.

Hemperious' commitment is also social,the packaging of part of the products is carried out by OSEAT, which is an organization employing people with disabilities located 100m from our premises. Thus, theshort circuit solutionsare favored as much as possible, whether to develop the players in the region or tominimize the carbon cost of our products.

Finally,Hemperious invests heavily in research and developmentnew products but also in the production tools specifically adapted to the work of Cannabis flowers.


This program allows Hemperious in particular to maintain its position as a Leader producer with the largest stock in France, to be the reference in the field as a major and impacting player on the cannabis market in France.

Our team

The whole Hemperious team has one thing in common: the passion for cannabis.

We are currently a team of ten people constantly growing and composed among others of:

Kévin, Benoît and Florian: Culture manager

Ludovic and Léonard: Production & Development

Sanaa: Marketing and Sales Department

Florian: Support/ Customer relations

Nicolas and Damien: Sales representative

Jeremy: Logistics

Anne Sophie: B to C Brand Madehellin

Gerald: Web Development

Dorothée: Marketing Communication Assistant

Régine: Finance & Accounting

Without forgetting the external & seasonal contributors

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In accordance with European legislation. Cannabis flower extract Sativa L. For agricultural or industrial use.

Keep out of reach of children and pregnant women.

Sale prohibited to minors under 18 years of age.


This Product is not a narcotic.

Contains less than 0.2% THC.

All the products marketed comply with European laws on the cultivation of hemp:  European decree n.° 639-2014; – European regulation n.° 1307/2013.



Legal notices/GTC

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