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Welcome to our French farm. Located in Beaujolais and made up of farmers and enthusiasts, our mission and promise is to offer you the best of hemp and cannabis

The path to a legalized future


Hemperious is a French company that shares strong family and friendly values. Obtaining the 1st Kbis authorizing the cultivation and sale of cannabis, she is one of the main players in the change in the mode of consumption around Cannabis in France and quickly understood the major challenges that the cultivation and processing of Cannabis would represent, in particular in health terms.   The flowers are all the result of careful genetic selection and grown organically. They follow a strict cultivation schedule in order to provide excellent, healthy and natural flowers.
Finally, Hemperious invests heavily in the research and development of new products but also in production tools specifically adapted to the work of Cannabis flowers.


With the aim of strengthening French production and in particular in order to become competitive players in the European cannabis market, Hemperious and its program of 34 co-producers is committed to offering French cannabis producers unique genetics and recognized qualities. The objective of Hemperious is to offer consumers Flowers from the best French soils, in order to demonstrate that our country can offer the best in the world of Cannabis. Based on our experience, we have effectively demonstrated the similarities with the world of wine, plants behave and evolve in a different and unique way in each terroir. The co-producers who are part of the 2022 adventure have been chosen on very specific criteria in order to obtain the best of French Cannabis.

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Our growers and farmers work in a 100% natural way and pay particular attention to the preservation of the soil and biodiversity.

Each step is scrupulously controlled, from the choice of hemp genetics initially used to packaging, including production, harvesting, drying and storage. This allows us to guarantee   to our customers to consumers a quality and uniformity of products beyond delivery and resale.
Our products from hemp flowers - cannabis rich in CBD are of high quality as we find very rarely on the market with a high content of CBD and a THC of less than 0.2% which makes it legal in France and Europe. All this naturally without pesticides or other chemicals.